bending needle

Extra Long Needle Tag Gun - Arrow 9EL Troubleshooting

Tag gun damages mainly due to needle bending. Needle damage happens normally due to mishandling by the user like, dropping tag gun, Tagging very thicker fabrics, tilting the tag gun roughly, leaving the tag gun without closing the needle with needle cap, It is very important in Arrow 9EL tag gun, as the needle is very long. Arrow 9EL tag gun can tag fabrics with a maximum thickness of 25mm.

The damaged needle is to be replaced immediately to avoid damage to fabric, tag gun damage and wastage of tag pins.

Follow the steps below to remove and replace needle of the tag gun Arrow 9EL

replacing needle

(a) Rotate the needle locker and make it parallel to the needle (b) Just pull out the needle carefully

replacing tag gun needle

Keeping the needle locker in the same position, insert the new needle in the same slot, ensuring the slot on the needle matches the slot on the Tag Gun body, until it goes inside fully.

needle changing

Rotate back the needle locker into the original position. The new needle is now locked and you are ready to tag agian !

How to rectify tag gun if it is jammed with tag pins ?

Jamming the Tag gun happens due to the following reasons:-

Mishandling by the user like, Using unsuitable tag pins in the tag gun. Using damaged tag pin strip in the tag gun Using extra pressure or inadequate pressure for tagging damaged needle dust in the tag pin movement area.This issue can be resolved in the way mentioned below:

1 Remove the needle from the tag gun

2 Now check the needle for any broken piece of tag pin stuck inside inside it and remove the same.

3 Remove un-used tag pins

4 Check the the tag gun needle slot area for any broken tag gun piece and remove the same.

5 Refix the Tag gun needle & enjoy the tagging

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